What are Joe Biden’s positions and ideas for the issues of today?

By Marina Campoy-LoVasco (’23) At the present moment, Joe Biden is at the head of the presidential race. Although this advantage might change soon, as he is closely pursued by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, it is important that one knows the positions of Joe Biden and the ideas he plans on using if he does in fact win the election. On the topic of … Continue reading What are Joe Biden’s positions and ideas for the issues of today?

The Arctic Sea Ice

By Cathy Shan (’23) On September 18, 2019, NASA’s satellite data displayed the Arctic Sea Ice at its second-lowest size. The Sea Ice was measured to be 1.60 million square miles (4.15 million square kilometers), which continues the trend of the decreasing ice size. Since 1981, the Sea Ice has been declining rapidly at a rate of 12.8 percent every decade. Scientists and researchers believe … Continue reading The Arctic Sea Ice

A Spooky Story to Start Spooky Season

By Rachel Rochford (’23) Everyone enjoys an eerie story, and with Halloween right around the corner, now feels like the perfect time to retell an old one. However, this is not your average scary tale. The narrative of The Female Stranger is in fact a real story. A story about someone who was once a living, breathing person just like you and I. Not only … Continue reading A Spooky Story to Start Spooky Season

An ‘International’ Classic: Olympics 2019!

By Divya Suresh (’20) Every four years, many of us eagerly sit down with our friends and family to watch the Olympic Games, the international sports competition. The series of seasonal, competitive sports that thousands of athletes across the world compete in can be traced back as early as 8 B.C in Olympia, Greece, as a form of celebrating Zeus, and the first modern Olympic Games … Continue reading An ‘International’ Classic: Olympics 2019!

Tech Review: iPhone 11

By Teodoro Gammons (’23)       Technology is something that is all around us – phones, laptops, cars, plumbing, electrical systems and even a regular pencil. But today I am going to review a new piece of technology that has hit the market in a dramatic fashion quite recently The iPhone 11.        The iPhone 11 was released on September 20th of 2019. Lots of people have … Continue reading Tech Review: iPhone 11

The Haunted History of Halloween

By Ava Casab (’23) Every October 31st in the U.S., children from across the nation dress up in various costumes, grab their jack-o-lantern shaped buckets, and make their way from house to house collecting a prize greater than any other: candy. What many people don’t know, however, is that Halloween has been around for thousands of years, just in a bit of a different form … Continue reading The Haunted History of Halloween

Players to Watch: Week 4

By Adeel Ansari (’21) Week 4 in the NFL had some spectacular games. Whether it be the Buccaneers pulling off an underdog win against last year’s Super Bowl contenders, the Rams, or and obvious Chargers win against, arguably the worst team in the league, the Dolphins, Sunday was quite a day for teams all around the NFL. Here are some individuals on the teams that … Continue reading Players to Watch: Week 4

A Moment of Inspiration: The Man Who Overcame

By Morgan Cook (’22) Around five months ago, Dennis Bonifan attempted to commit suicide. However, he has recently found a source of release and aid: graffiti. Graffiti is a unique, new kind of therapy that has greatly impacted the life of Bonifan, who is no longer in danger of death. In fact, he is thriving. However, he is not the one that spray paints the … Continue reading A Moment of Inspiration: The Man Who Overcame

Food: Our Blessing and Our Curse

By Diya Ramesh (’23) You’ve just gotten home from school, and you’re FAMISHED! You’re so hungry, it feels like your stomach is going to explode from growling. But now you’re faced with an important question, which is one that almost every person in this country (and many around the globe) grapples with everyday.  What should you eat? You know what’s good for you, so you’re … Continue reading Food: Our Blessing and Our Curse