Is Ron Gardenhire The Answer?

-Alex Fry (‘19)   On October 20th, 2017, the Detroit Tigers officially named the Arizona Diamondbacks’ former bench coach, Ron Gardenhire, as their manager for the next three years. He will replace Brad Ausmus, who went 314-322 in four years with the Tigers and finished tied for last in the Majors this past season. It is clear that these next couple of years will be … Continue reading Is Ron Gardenhire The Answer?

The Las Vegas Shooting

-Ashley Lee (’21)   On October 1, as many families and friends gathered at the Las Vegas Strip for the Route 91 Harvest Festival, sixty-four-year-old Stephen Paddock shot more than one hundred rounds into the crowd. The concert suddenly became a night of terror and the United States’ deadliest mass shooting in modern history.   While country singer Jason Aldean was performing, spectators were attacked … Continue reading The Las Vegas Shooting

Taking A Critical Look at Jim Harbaugh

-Alex Fry (‘19)   When Jim Harbaugh was hired by Michigan in the winter of 2014, fans rejoiced as if it were The Second Coming. After seven years of mediocrity and disappointment under Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke, expectations were high for the former NFL coach, and his resume definitely supported his cause. Harbaugh had a storied career as a quarterback in both college and … Continue reading Taking A Critical Look at Jim Harbaugh

Themed Poetry: California Wildfires

-Vanessa Kiefer (‘20)   What Would You Take It’s 11:00pm, they have gone to bed The children are tucked in Do they know the people have fled? No- for they are in Northern California A carefree state Where all air is the perfect breathe And the welcoming palm trees sway   But they are awakened The people of the roses For the fire’s embers have … Continue reading Themed Poetry: California Wildfires

Themed Poetry: Hurricane Irma

-Vanessa Kiefer (‘20)   The Aftermath In the aftermath, We watch in horrified fascination   How the brilliant green palm trees Have been swallowed by the murky sea   How the crystal white town-houses Have been decimated into withering walls   And how the once welcoming waves Have perished into ripples of rage   In the aftermath, We watch in a silent sense of chaos … Continue reading Themed Poetry: Hurricane Irma

NBA Record Predictions For The 2017-18 Season

The 2017-18 NBA season is dawning upon us, and with it comes a plethora of new storylines. Can Lonzo Ball live up to all the hype? Are the Thunder and Rockets now serious contenders? Will the Cavaliers and Warriors meet up in the finals for the fourth straight year? All of these questions will be explored in my predictions for the this upcoming campaign. -Alex … Continue reading NBA Record Predictions For The 2017-18 Season

Lions vs. Panthers Week Five Recap

-James Jiang (‘18)   The Lions have continued to impress their fans, even during their hard-fought loss to the Falcons during week three. That is, until this week.   Yes, Lions fans: it is, in fact, that point of the season where the Lions have lost their momentum and the chink in their blue and white armor begins to show. Against an average to above … Continue reading Lions vs. Panthers Week Five Recap

Petrochemical Corporations: Unseen Villains of Hurricane Harvey

-Nikhil Surya Dwibhashyam (’18)   The role of American corporations in exacerbating natural disasters often goes unacknowledged.  Many often assume the mass devastation caused by disasters to be inevitable and natural, but this assumption is far from the truth.  In fact, this level of devastation is largely preventable and the result of corporate negligence for profit’s sake.  This truth is observable by examining one case … Continue reading Petrochemical Corporations: Unseen Villains of Hurricane Harvey

Coco’s Closet: Fashion Forward

-Izzy Fernandes (‘20)   One can definitely see how the fashion world is more complex and influential than meets the eye. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, [and] what is happening”.   September is one of two months during … Continue reading Coco’s Closet: Fashion Forward

Exploring the Arts: Dear Evan Hansen Review

-Adriana Doria (‘19)   Dear Evan Hansen, the 2017 multiple Tony Award winning production including “Best Musical”, encapsulates the groundbreaking message of the importance of acceptance. It has audiences of all ages in tears of both joy and sadness as they follow Evan Hansen (played by Ben Platt) on his journey to find himself, to find acceptance and simply to “fit in” with the others … Continue reading Exploring the Arts: Dear Evan Hansen Review