Top Candidates for Lion’s Head Coach Vacancy

-Alex Fry (‘19)   After four interesting and rather mediocre seasons, Jim Caldwell is finished as the head Coach of the Lions. He certainly was not a bad coach. In fact, he was the first Lions coach to have multiple seasons with a winning record since Joe Schmidt, who retired 1972. The only problem with Jim Caldwell was his inability to raise the Lions to … Continue reading Top Candidates for Lion’s Head Coach Vacancy

Themed Poetry: American Dreamers

-Vanessa Kiefer (‘20)   American Dreamers   This dream This manifested hope, Is a crumbling beam Upon a rickety slope   It is a blessing for some Those with the privilege, To gather their income And feel safe in their image   The very first immigrants Have a free pass through, But there is indifference For next rounds’ view   A family loses everything And … Continue reading Themed Poetry: American Dreamers

Coco’s Closet: Fascinators

-Izzy Fernandes (‘20)   The world seemed to pause for a moment on November 27th, when Clarence House announced the engagement between a certain red-haired prince and an American actress. It sent American media into a frenzy; some might even say more so than British media, considering how entranced the former is with the royal family. Additionally, it left millions wondering how her image as … Continue reading Coco’s Closet: Fascinators