How Trump is Truly Making America Great Again

–Soenke Pietsch (‘21) Donald Trump is making America great again. However, he isn’t doing it in the way he thinks he is. Putting aside all the controversy surrounding our current president Donald J. Trump, he has achieved one thing many of our previous presidents have not, not to mention that he, and only he, deserves credit for it. But it is the same type of … Continue reading How Trump is Truly Making America Great Again

The Christmas Music Dilemma

Rachelle Deng ‘20 Jingle Bell Rock? More like Jingle Bell Stop! – at least until Thanksgiving is over. Every year, it seems as though the hype for Christmas music increases more and more, way before the Christmas season begins. Though a good amount of Christmas cheer is very much needed, British psychologist Linda Blair recently found that playing Christmas music too early is, in fact, … Continue reading The Christmas Music Dilemma

September 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

Yeon Woo Lee  (’21) From September 18 to September 20, South Korean President Moon Jae In and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un met to discuss the future of the Korean Peninsula. The two leaders had previously met twice, in April and in May. This time, however, South Korean President Moon Jae In and First Lady Kim Jung Sook made their way up to Pyongyang, … Continue reading September 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

How Instagram is Ruining Tourism

–Soenke Pietsch (‘21) Crystal clear waters reflecting the sun’s rays, fisher boats effortlessly rocking on the water, a mountain reflecting itself on the surface of the water: a breathtaking scene that seems to be an oasis, free of mass tourism and yet to be discovered. At least, that is what you thought when you saw the picture, while scrolling through your online-feed. Although these idyllic … Continue reading How Instagram is Ruining Tourism

Climate Reality: Time to Change

Aadi Shiv Malhotra (‘21) If there is one thing people can do, it is change. Change is necessary to keep up with the world, change is also necessary for the world to keep up with us. We have been steadily polluting the world since the Industrial Revolution, but have not ever to think, why are we polluting the world? In 2018, with rapid forms of … Continue reading Climate Reality: Time to Change