By Giulia Pincetti (’24)

Ever since I was little I have been taught that every story doesn’t have one side, it is multi-dimensional. A simple sound or movement made by the smallest or largest of people can be perceived in millions of different ways, all slightly unique and different. Maybe this is because we all can’t sit in the same spot at the same moment watching and monitoring the motions of the world. I believe that every time an action occurs and we see it from a different seat than another, we slowly start to create our ideas, thoughts and our overall perspective. Each motion that is seen differently, spins our head in different directions, leading to different pathways for each individual. 

I think it can be very easy to say we understand this idea that a story is not one sided, however it is hard to truly put that idea to motion. When we hear the rumors that flow through the hallways of our school we often aren’t able to see the other side of the issue. We see right or wrong; well at least I usually do, and I notice those around me do as well. It’s easy for us to want to see a clear line drawn between the devil and the angel, however it’s more blurred than we think even if we can get carried away by how simple we wish it was, forcing this cloud of mixed emotions into a straight line that either condemns an action or appreciates it. 

Sometimes no matter if the right and wrong seems to be so clearly stated, we must look to see if the line that divides right and wrong is truly that sharp or if we are magnifying one truth.

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