The Debate of Confederate Statues In Public Spaces

By Yeon Woo Lee (‘21) After the killings of George Floyd and Breona Taylor, the debate of systematic racism has spread across the nation. The Black Lives Matter has grown tremendously and the topic of racism today has finally hit all corners of the country. One of the debates that has arisen is the common use of Confederate symbols, especially in the South. I had … Continue reading The Debate of Confederate Statues In Public Spaces

A Korean Perspective on the Truth about Dokdo

By Yeon Woo Lee (‘21) “Jessica, only child. Illinois, Chicago. Senior is Kim Jin Mo, who is your cousin.” This clip from the Korean movie Parasite became known as the Jessica Jingle. Although this resulted in an addiction nature to those watching the movie, the jingle has a wholly different meaning for Koreans. The melody of the jingle originates from “Dokdo is Our Land”, a … Continue reading A Korean Perspective on the Truth about Dokdo

Why We Shouldn’t Turn Away from Journalism

By YeonWoo Lee (’21) We live in a world where the idea of fake news has spread to every corner of the Earth. President Trump has recently argued with many journalists during the White House’s COVID-19 Task Force’s Updates. Fox News anchor Sean Hannity has recently threatened to sue the New York Times for libel. There are twitter debates on how truthful the media is … Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Turn Away from Journalism

Korea’s Response to COVID-19

By Yeon Woo Lee (‘21) It’s official: the United States has officially become the country with the most reported confirmed cases of COVID-19. COVID-19 has been around since December of 2019, starting in the Wuhan province of China. Since then, it has spread throughout the world, severely impacting the countries of South Korea, Italy, and Iran. Italy has been frantic in its shutdown, with the … Continue reading Korea’s Response to COVID-19

2019-2020 Mock Trial Team

By: Yeon Woo Lee (‘21) The International Academy’s Mock Trial Teams competed at the regional competition at the Oakland County Courthouse on February 29th. Mock Trial is a competition where teams are divided into lawyers and witnesses. All the teams receive a court case and prepare an argument for the competition. At the courthouse, our school’s teams go against different schools and try to win … Continue reading 2019-2020 Mock Trial Team