Why this Election is no 2016

By Amr Ansari (‘22) As a twelve-year-old somewhat naive seventh grader, when I awoke on November 8th, 2016, the victory of Donald Trump as the President elect was, well, inconsequential. Yet I was not completely oblivious. I knew, like most, that Secretary Hillary Clinton was expected to win the presidency, and perhaps even by a landslide. But how did I “know” so definitively that this … Continue reading Why this Election is no 2016

MLB 2017 Season Preview

Amid the madness of college basketball, the heating races of the NBA, and the immense coverage of the NFL that seems to never end, baseball season is quietly approaching. Last fall provided us with one of 2016’s greatest stories, so it will be tough for this upcoming campaign to match up. Nevertheless, the 162-game marathon of Major League Baseball always finds a way to keep things interesting, and here we will somehow attempt to predict the happenings of the next seven months. Continue reading MLB 2017 Season Preview