Ethics of Fantasy Sports

By Nandan Srikrishna (’21) Fantasy sports are very popular amongst sports fans and sports analysts alike. They connect fans to their favorite sports by allowing them to create a team of their own. This can give fans a deeper connection to a sport as well as increase their appreciation for the sport. Fantasy sports, especially fantasy football, transcend American culture taking place in schools, homes, … Continue reading Ethics of Fantasy Sports

Recently Signed Fair Pay to Play Act

By Landon Harris (’21) Fair Pay to Play Act Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom of California signed into law the Fair Pay to Play Act. This bill allows college athletes to hire agents and be paid for endorsements.  Student athletes will be able to promote goods and companies for the first time and benefit financially from the sports they play for their school. The law goes … Continue reading Recently Signed Fair Pay to Play Act

NFL Referees: Something Must be Done

By Adeel Ansari (’21) At this point in the year, it seems like every team has some sort of complaint against the current NFL referees. Almost every team in the NFL, from the Los Angeles Rams to the Detroit Lions, has suffered from the controversial calls the referees have been making recently. Although both coaches and players are constantly complaining, the NFL has decided to … Continue reading NFL Referees: Something Must be Done

Players to Watch: Week 4

By Adeel Ansari (’21) Week 4 in the NFL had some spectacular games. Whether it be the Buccaneers pulling off an underdog win against last year’s Super Bowl contenders, the Rams, or and obvious Chargers win against, arguably the worst team in the league, the Dolphins, Sunday was quite a day for teams all around the NFL. Here are some individuals on the teams that … Continue reading Players to Watch: Week 4

Grading the Top Trades from the NBA’s 2018 Trade Deadline

-Alex Fry (‘19)   The 2018 NBA trade deadline has come and gone, and- just like every other year- rosters have been completely altered and the league has been left looking much different than before. This article will be focusing on some of the more significant deals that happened throughout the league and which teams got the better end.   Blake Griffin Headed to Detroit … Continue reading Grading the Top Trades from the NBA’s 2018 Trade Deadline

It’s Boom or Bust Time For Tom Izzo

-Alex Fry (‘19)   For possibly the first time in his career, Tom Izzo’s legitimacy is being brought into question. After Michigan State started off the 2017-2018 season as one of the favorites to win the NCAA Championship, it is now under question if they are even the favorite to win the Big 10.   Michigan State is littered with talent this year. Miles Bridges … Continue reading It’s Boom or Bust Time For Tom Izzo

Top Candidates for Lion’s Head Coach Vacancy

-Alex Fry (‘19)   After four interesting and rather mediocre seasons, Jim Caldwell is finished as the head Coach of the Lions. He certainly was not a bad coach. In fact, he was the first Lions coach to have multiple seasons with a winning record since Joe Schmidt, who retired 1972. The only problem with Jim Caldwell was his inability to raise the Lions to … Continue reading Top Candidates for Lion’s Head Coach Vacancy

College Football Playoff Predictions

-Alex Fry (‘19)   After two weeks of upsets, close games and broken dreams to close this year’s college football regular season, one thing was certainly clear to the College Football Playoff Committee: the Big Ten is not capable of having a worthy team for the playoffs. With Wisconsin losing to Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship Game, ruining their perfect season, the Big … Continue reading College Football Playoff Predictions